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Past Design Projects

Graphics Design


Past Projects by Dakota SEO & Design

G-Team Lawn Mower Racing



BTP Racing

Current DesignProjects

Pedsters Planet

Photoshop Tutorial


Pedsters Planet Pt. 2

G-Team Desktop

G-Team Racing

Can Ur Town Ball

ND Rural Water

Mortgage Auditors


Deb's Place

Fast Mower

Current SEO Projects

Mow Better



Forum Avatars


G-Team Racing

BTP Racing Products

RTFI Banners

Fun and Games!

Dakota Wirehairs

Puddle and Pond






Maintenance Contracts




Thomas Honey

Puddle and Pond


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Current Projects:
Projects currently underway at Dakota SEO & Design include G-Team Racing  and Dakota Wirehairs.

More about these projects on the Portfolio Page.

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