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Pedsters Planet - The Website Directory of the future!

Graphics Design Project Request:  Create a new Banner set to go with new Pedsters Planet logo set.

Following completion of the 11 logo set for Pedsters Planet, site owner Peter Laws requested banners to follow the design of the logos. Topping our list in the Banner Department is Banner designed for a toolbar under creation for Pedsters Planet. At only 120 x 22 pixels, this one required micro-surgery to deliver!

Moving on to bigger banners... encompassing the variety offered on Pedsters Planet required more than a simple banner; there wasn't room for it all in one! Animated GIF was utilized to cycle the many facets of Pedsters in the Banner. Each option on the Pedsters Planet site runs a 1 second cycle, with the final pausing 20 seconds before re-entering the loop, to prevent the typical annoyance created by constantly looping GIF images. This likewise adds a certain mystique to the Banner causing it to grab your attention each time it takes off.

Peter likewise requested a new banner for his E-Mail page, which opened the door to a bit of fun and games! The Pedsters Planet everything Banner weighs in at roughly 30kb with load speeds of around 16 seconds on 56kb dial-up while file size on the E-Mail Banner is just over 24kb with load speed of roughly 12 seconds. 

Pedsters 12
Pedsters 13
Pedsters 14

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