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Web Design with a purpose ~
There are I am sure, a great many of you viewing this site that may think the pages of the Dakota SEO & Design web site a bit bare and lifeless. There are a couple of reasons for that appearance however; and collectively it is called web design with a purpose. First, the purpose of these pages is to offer a page the dial-up user can see in as little time as possible. Average load speed for the pages on the Dakota SEO & Design web site, is under 15 seconds for dial-up users clear down to 25 kbps. (With exception to a few pages in the portfolio section, where there are several large pictures, for those of you so inclined.) The average dial-up connection out there at 40 - 50 kbps has these pages loaded in under 10 seconds. DSL and Cable subscribers have the pages up in the blink of an eye! What that means to you the customer is more page views, more exposure for your product or services, and thus more sales for your business. You won't lose sales because people are leaving for faster loading sites, you are also offering them as many pages to browse, as you possibly can, in as little time as possible. But....

Web Site Design without pictures? ~ Sure I know you are saying, can he design a web site with pictures? Sure I can! I even do a pretty fair job at it. Can I design a web page with pictures that loads fast? Yes... I can do a right respectable job of that too! If you want pictures on your site, rest assured I can make it happen; I can also make it work efficiently and effectively in numerous respects. So why didn't I put any pictures on this site when it was designed? Because I'm not trying to sell you pictures, I'm trying to sell you on my ability to design a web site that loads fast. This site was designed to be simple yet elegant; to make a statement "without" pictures. To be in itself art. It was designed to load extremely fast, because that's what I've learned to contend with, living in Rural, North Dakota. Search Engine Optimization was considered in every aspect of design as well. And, it has accomplished its design goals in all respects.

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Current Projects:
Projects currently underway at Dakota SEO & Design include G-Team Racing  and Dakota Wirehairs.

More about these projects on the Portfolio Page.

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