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Web Design ~
All to often in the course of designing one's web site, we encounter hurdles and mental blocks that hinder our progress and ultimately our end product. I refer to this as the walls on the box getting too tall to look out. We in essence become too focused, to see outside of our own small box. Likewise there are often minor oversights in the technical aspects of Search Engine Optimization, Cross Browser Performance, and even Cross Operating System Performance. More than once I've discovered that what works on my operating system, or in my browser, doesn't work in others. Web design frequently has more than it's share of headaches, believe me.

If you think you're absolutely safe in those respects, then you've probably got another thing coming, I've seen even the best webmasters miss minor details. To date I've found numerous supposed cross browser compatible Java menus, that simply do not function in some browsers. Think your Dynamic HTML works in every browser? Guess again, it probably doesn't work in most browsers, and your DHTML isn't on the page in anything but Internet Explorer. What about your hover buttons? I learned that although mine worked in all four of the browsers I tried, they didn't work on the Microsoft XP Operating System. Although they were designed and installed on the site, using Microsoft Front Page. It was an eye opener for me, but the webmaster I was checking the site with at the time, teaches Front Page, and he wasn't aware of the problem either.

SEO ~ There are also a number of other issues to consider, such as the proper utilization of frames, and optimization of your text and keywords for search engine performance. As with the site you're on, it may not be possible to put you into the top position for every keyword, but we'll find relevant keywords that will work for you, and do everything within our power to place your site at the top of the search engine lists, to find you traffic. Our methods are subtle and proven; they work. The RTFI.US site went from barely being found, to the #1 position on most search engines in a matter of weeks. It currently sits on the first page at Google for close to 20 fishing related search strings, and the new Dakota SEO & Design site is found, for numerous SEO and Web Design search strings.

Consulting ~ Likewise we offer consultation on web design from an aesthetic point of view. Is your web site to loud? Do the colors work for your product? Is the site laid out correctly? We'll provide suggestions on ways to improve your image grammatically as well; all too often poorly composed text in a website lessens it's impact.

What we don't offer is answers to questions on why your Flash presentation does not work, or why your JavaScript does not work. That's between you and your college professor, we simply don't have the time to sit here and read the endless pages of script searching for errors in your syntax, and you likely wouldn't appreciate the bill if we did. If we find a problem, we will certainly bring it to your attention, but that's not what we're here for.

If you've found the walls on the box growing too tall, give us a shout we'll be glad to discuss what you want us to look at, and put a proposal together for the services you and your site require. Should you like references on past consultation, please feel free to inquire, we'll be glad to provide them.

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Current Projects:
SEO & Design projects currently underway at Dakota SEO & Design are G-Team Racing  and Dakota Wirehairs. More about these projects on the Portfolio Page.

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