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Search Engine Optimization ~
is loosely defined, the art of making your page found and reported favorably by the search engines. Easy enough right? Well.... not really. Search Engine Optimization requires a great many different things in one's web site, and if you want a first page listing upon such notable engines as Google, a great deal of thought and effort on the Webmaster's or SEO Engineer's part. It is possible, for even the rankest of amateurs to be on top of the search engines, in fact it happens all the time. The problem is staying there!

Optimizing for the Search Engines ~ dependent upon the topic of your site, may be very simple or on the other hand it may be quite difficult. Amongst those things to consider in optimizing the site are the Meta Definition, Meta Keywords, Page Content, both in respect to utilization of the keywords and likewise in respect to formatting, Internal Navigation Links, External Links back to the site, Page Rank, Page Rank of the back-link sites, etc., etc., etc.

SEO ~ is an art, although it no doubt incorporates a great deal of science. The text on the page before you is a classic example. How many times have you seen "Search Engine Optimization" on the page thus far? What about the acronym SEO? I'll even give you the header, although it doesn't really count, because it's a graphics file, or picture, and the Search Engines don't read that. They do however read the alternate text behind that graphic file, so that it still counts, and if you park your cursor over that picture, you'll find 2 more SEO's, and another Search Engine Optimization, so you were short one SEO there.

Search Engines change on a regular basis too; what works today for you, may not work tomorrow, unless it was built upon a solid foundation. Dakota SEO & Design can build that foundation for you.

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Recent Projects:
Recent projects undertaken by Dakota SEO & Design include Thomas Honey and ND Rural Water
More about these projects on the Portfolio Page.

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