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Pedsters Planet - The Website Directory of the future!

Graphics Design Project Request:  Create a new logo set for the Pedsters Planet website.

Pedsters Planet is a multi-faceted website based in the UK, it hosts a wide variety of popular goodies in today's, and tomorrow's web world. There you will find a forum, classified ads, chat rooms, fantasy football, a dating corner, games, links, news updates, and an extensive directory.

Site owner Peter Laws indicated having received less than complimentary comments on his site logo, and asked for help in creating a new logo set for the site, in it's entirety. Below is the finished product covering many, but certainly not all aspects of Pedsters Planet.

The project consists of one Photo Shop file with 24 layers. Each logo is 214 x 67 pixels and sports a file size ranging from 6 to 8 kb. Load speed on each of these files is estimated at approximately 2 seconds @56.6 kbps. Peter supplied background art for all but the main logo; time to complete the entire project, including search for an appropriate set of fonts and art in the main logo, along with putting this page up, was roughly 3 hours.

Pedsters 1 Pedsters 2
Pedsters 3 Pedsters 4
Pedsters 5

Pedsters 6

Pedsters 7 Pedsters 8

Pedsters 9

Pedsters 10
Pedsters 11

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