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The Project

Graphics Design Project ~ As a part of the Christmas Karma thread - Band of Gonzos web design forum, this graphics design project was entered at request of friend and BoG business associate Dr. David J. Baxter, Ottawa, CA. Scope of the project was to redesign an existing logo on the website, for site updates. With David's input the initial files were tweaked to render final accepted logo bottom of the page, now in use on the website.

psychlogX - An automatically optimized rendition weighing in at approximately 10.3 kb according to PhotoShop. Estimated load speed at 5 seconds @ 28.8 kbps. This version utilizes approximately 64 colors, in full dress with background, drop shadow, and outer glow effects activated.

PsychlogX - Optimized Header for

psychlogY - A grayscale model for those black-tie affairs where color isn't an option, stripped to less than 10 colors total, and all effects shut down in this sweet little package to allow full transparency. It weighs in at only 7.7 kb with estimated load speeds in the 3 second range @ 28.8 kb according to Photoshop.

PsychlogY - Optimized Header for

psychlogZ - The cutting edge however came in tweaking colors up and down. One color combination was found wherein I was able to drastically increase color without adding much file weight! PsychlogZ uses 114 colors in full dress with background, drop shadow, and outer glow effects activated and weighs in at only 12.2 kb. Meaning you get nearly twice as many colors in this nifty little package for only a minimal increase in file size. Estimated load speed is only 6 seconds at 28.8 kbps! Meaning your average 56kbps connection will load it realistically in 4 - 5 seconds.

PsychlogZ - Optimized Header for


PsychlogX5 and PsychlogX6 respectively- Given considerable input from Dr. Baxter, the above renditions were refitted to suit his taste, and the following two versions of the psychlog file were approved, and are currently used on the website. These files weigh in at roughly 10.2 to 10.3 kb respectively, and will load in roughly 3 to 4 seconds on a 56kbps connection.

PsychlogX5 - Optimized Header for

PsychlogX6 - Optimized Header for

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