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BoG Forum Avatars

Bentley - Composite Image Brandi Kalina
The above avatars presented unique challenges
click on these avatars for original art.

JT Judy Nitty Pale Spyder Pet SouthPlatte Mike

The intent of BoG Avatar art is to try and offer an artistic presentation at minimal file size.
Water color image is desired effect although many simply won't come out that way!

Mow Better Forum Avatars

G-Team Lawn Mower Racing Lee Vine - MNLMRA Joe G - NDLMRA

All avatars created for forums are designed with minimal file size in mind. Considering there are 25 of these images per page, even moderate file sizes create considerable page weight, and may negatively impact load speed. These avatars all weigh in at less than 3kb, most in fact come in below 2 kb. Original art varies from previous avatar sized images to 1600 x 1200 resolution with various backgrounds. The images prepared for the Mow Better Forum are considerably more intense encompassing utilizing 5 to 8 layers in design.


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Recent projects undertaken by Dakota SEO & Design include Thomas Honey and ND Rural Water
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