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G-Team Lawn Mower Racing

G-Team Racing offered a fun little project in the graphics design department. G-Team  obviously a lawn mower racing site, needed a flashy banner to impress all the other lawn mower racing fans out there checking links pages on other sites.  The G-Team X series was created to do exactly that. Pictured on top here the G-Team X-treme banner with dimensions of 360 x 80 pixels, weighing in at 13 kb. This one is a wee bit on the heavy side for it's size, however file size was forsaken for quality on this one folks!

G-Team Lawn Mower Racing

Assuming there may be someone out there that wanted something with smaller dimensions or a little lighter weight in similar order the G-Team-X banner was created with dimensions of 210 x 105 pixels, and weighs in at only 7.8kb.

G-Team Lawn Mower Racing 2

Also on the G-Team Banner slate is the Intimowdator series. Designed to fly on the page, these banners were created to offer the ultimate in page load speed while creating a certain mystique. The larger of these two G-Team Racing Banners is 210 x 105 pixels and weighs a mere 3.5 kb. The smaller G-Team Banner weighs only 2.4 kb at 120 x 60 pixels.


G-Team Lawn Mower Racing 3 

G-Team Lawn Mower Racing 4


And, finally the creation of avatars for use on racing forums of various nature in promotion of the site.

G-Team Lawn Mower Racing 5

 G-Team Lawn Mower Racing 6

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