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Fish Hook Removal

What's New 1/24/05
 More updates to the Dakota SEO & Design side of things as well.
Updated the appearance of the RTFI Fishing Forum.
Creation of the News from Abroad page for those goodies being cycled off the index page.
Updates on the "News from Abroad Section" section of the  index page.
What's New 1/6/05
The Crappie Magic! page
Complete overhaul of the Dakota SEO & Design side of things
I didn't leave you, I just been busy y'all!!!
What's New 3/2/04
Revisions to the Concepts Links Page
New Web Design Favorite Links Page
New Computer Technology Acronyms Page
What's New  2/16/04

Chewy's Hushpuppy Fiasco

The RTFI Message Board! - Nope it's not new just trying to get you to join the fun!!

Substantial revisions to the - ND & Other Fishing Links

Revisions to the entire RTFI Design Concepts section for accessibility issues.

A few new new jokes!

What's New  12/26/03

Chewy's Law #7!

The RTFI Message Board! - Come Join the Fun

Revisions to the entire Joke Page format

Several new jokes to go with the new format! You've got to find them!

Modification of Homepage Menu to include Sunrise/Set and Temp./Wind Chill links

What's New  12/12/03

The RTFI Message Board! - Come Join the Fun

At least one new joke!

Finally attained a search rank for anything related to "Fishing" ~
see "ND Fishing" #6 search string at Google!

What's New  11/07/03

Temperature Conversion and Wind Chill Calculator Page links on the Index page for easy access.

At least one new joke!

A few new links, both on the fishing side and on the design side links pages.

Web Consulting Services Page on the design side of the site.

Special greetings and kind words from Michael in the land down under!

Hi Rocky,
Yours is the first American site which communicates a real person to me (what's wrong with you man!)
Don't you realise while you're fishing, hanging with the kids, being real, you could be in a suit, on a highway, en route to the next big close! I fear there must have been something liberating in the water when you grew up. I wish more of your fellow countrymen had got it too!
All the best,

Tel: (Australia) 02 6652 1519

Greetings everyone and welcome to the RTFI Web Site!

For those of you that may have us saved to favorites at the old Tripod site, please update your link for this web site to read WWW.RTFI.US No more free server with funky ads at the top of every page to irritate the ever loving suuuugar, out of the webmaster, who's got to try and design around them. (Yeah and you guys thought I was going to say something nasty back there.)

Should any of you have a fishing related business out there in the world, and might like to advertise herein, give me a shout! Hell if you've got any kind of business out there, and might like to advertise herein, give me a shout! I'll figure something out as far as advertising rates go. I can however assure you that your ad will not be flashing at the top of every page on this site, as that is why I left my free server at Tripod!

The Webmaster <{{{><

Technical Issues - Should you be so inclined!


Why ".us" you ask?


'Cause www.rtfi.com was taken!

'Cause .net sounded a wee bit corny! (i.e. fishin' .net)

'Cause I didn't like none of the other options that were open. And........

'Cause usn's weren't an option! (That's Southern Humor Y'all!)


Actually folks, it was chosen because I'm damned proud to be an American!
And, that's all the reason I needed at the time.


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