Temperature Conversion

Not quite sure why you'd want to convert Temperature one way or the other, but since you do, we're here for you at RTFI. Select the desired conversion factor below, type the temperature you want to convert in the little white box on the left, and then click on the button in the middle. It's really that simple! And, for those of you living far enough North to be concerned with it; yes it does convert those Below Zero Temps too! -- Have Fun.--

 Fahrenheit to Celsius

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Celsius to Fahrenheit

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Wind Chill Calculator

A measure of the cooling effect of wind. Wind increases the rate at which a body loses heat, so the air on a windy day feels cooler than the temperature indicated by a thermometer. This heat loss can be calculated for various combinations of wind speed and air temperature and then converted to a wind chill equivalent temperature (or wind chill factor).


Wind Speed (MPH) =

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