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My Apologies to XP Users ~

Greetings all, and my sincere apologies to all the Microsoft XP users out there in the world that might have tried to access this site previously. I had not access to XP to realize what it was doing to you guys. I feel bad about it, but the webmaster with whom I discovered the problem, had access to XP and he didn't know he was doing that to you on sites he had designed either, so it wasn't just me folks.

We're not sure what the whole problem was, but we did narrow it down to Dynamic HTML functions Microsoft installed in Front Page. In the case of this site the Hover buttons used for navigation on both ends of the site called for installation of the Java Virtual Machine, and then in what we found, locked the computer up on the Java Components once installed. I ran across question on this same scenario in a webmaster forum that very same night, so I'm sure a lot of you are experiencing it elsewhere on the web.

Suffice to say that it's bad enough we have to contend with particular functions on our pages not being read, or being read wrong amongst the different browsers in design, now we have to deal with different programs amongst the same company not being read or not being read correctly! In that we all can't afford to buy every program built by Bill Gates and company, I'll close this comment period simply by saying ~ " C'mon Microsoft, get your shit together!"

And, that having been said.... this website is best viewed in Microsoft Internet Explorer version 5 or later however it works in everything else I've been able to get my hands on! I recommend 1024 x 768 resolution and medium text setting, but it works in 800 x 600 setting, medium to smallest text size! I've attempted to make the site work in all browsers and other programs, including Netscape, Mozilla, and XP folks, however... not everything always works everywhere. Likewise I can't design for every resolution or text setting out there. I have however attempted to hit the most popular viewing arenas in all aspects. Every day is a learning experience, believe me!



If it appears something is missing or messed up when you view this site in Netscape, rest assured, it probably is! Should you get this far in XP, (which you should now), and your computer locks up someplace else along the way, (which it shouldn't now), please come back to a webmaster link on the site index page and let me know where it happened so I can fix it!


(If you see a problem of any nature herein folks please let me know. The story Boat Seat Cover worked fine until I published it, and in fact looked fine in my HTML editor upon review. For some reason however it really messed up when published. All of the apostrophes therein converted to HTML when published and each thus read "&apos" in the storyline, which made for some real interesting reading! It didn&apost make sense to me why it did that, but...... It was on-line like that for quite some time before I caught it.)


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