10 Rules of RTFI!

The rules here are simple -

1.)  ><}}}>  NO JET SKIS ALLOWED IN HERE!!!  <{{{><  (This is a Fishing Site!!!)


2.) Bring your own beer! ~~~ Let's get real here guys, who could afford to keep all you suds guzzlers in beer to begin with?! Not to mention the monitor would get all soggy! And, my Internet Server used to be so slow it would've been warm before it got to you anyhow!!!

The Webmaster assumes no resonsibility for supplying beer consumed while touring this site!!! This is a BYOB site!!

3.) Everyone have fun while you're here!   (Why else would you be here?)


4.) Let's all go catch fish when you're through !    (Don't you get enough of your computer at work?)

And, a few brief items that may differ from other more ethical fishing sites you have toured -

5.) If you want to release everything you catch, by all means... Go for it... I do to at times. Especially if they're little bitty shits, great big hawgs, the freezer's full, or if its been too long a day "sittin' in the sun, sippin' suds" to feel like cleaning fish, or if the sweetheart's.... well, we better not go there!


6.) If you want to eat one that weighs ten pounds... Go for it... I personally wouldn't! But, it was your worm that caught it, and the gas in your SUV and boat that got you there. There's a recipe or two on the Cookbook Page that MIGHT make them tasty! Try the Easy Baked Walleye, should you be so inclined.)


7.) If you want to hang a hawg on the wall... Knock yerself out dude... I know a real good taxidermist if you need one. You'll find pictures of his work here on the wall-hanger page, along with a copy of his business card for contact info.


8.) For those of you that just might have a problem with my position on the above 3 listed matters of fishing ethics, and may want to tell me how wrong I am for taking the position asserted herein... Go back to one of those ethical type complaining sites, and find someone else to badger, while you get it out of your system. We don't want to hear it here, because...


9.) This site's here for fun. It's not here to cure the moral ill's of the fishing public. And...


10.) Since it's my web site, we play by my rules!


The bottom line is folks; I'm not going to preach at you for any of the above mentioned infractions of fishing etiquette, or ethics, or try too impose my beliefs on you, in the name of the sport, as some do. By the same respect however, I don't need those of you out there in the world that may be so inclined, to tell me what's ethical and what's not.


I understand the sport quite well and in that understanding, I realize that I have probably eaten more "potential wall-hangers," than I will ever put wall-hangers on my wall, and there's likely not many avid anglers that can deny the same. And thus, I have no guilt for those few that adorn my wall, nor will I (ever....), regardless of how much Ye may preach, for I have earned them each through diligence in study, and much practice of the art. And, I am damned proud of the few there!


And, for the rest of you good folks out there that are tired of listening to others preach. You can rest assured that no one will hassle "you" on this site, either. As long as you're legal! (If your ass is breaking the law, you've got societies rules to deal with, not mine.... And, if you are stupid enough to tell us about it, on this Website, you deserve to go to jail!!! The RAP link, (North Dakota, Game & Fish - Report All Poachers) is posted herein! (Not to mention it was just posted here twice!)


So thus, for all of you out there that just might want to preach at those of us with, shall we say, "shallower morals," about our fishing ethics, I have but one closing rule....

That being...KWITCHERBITCHIN... And, let's go fishin!

The Webmaster <{{{><

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