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Welcome to the R.T.F.I. home page. We're really not here for anything important, this little site's just here for fun. So come on in and enjoy yourself.

If you're here surfing the web, it's obviously too nasty to get out and fish, or as with most of us these days, time hasn't allowed it, so we're going to make this as much fun as if you were out there on the lake. If you've got suggestions for our little Web Page, by all means send them our way. We'll certainly see what we can do with them.

Send your ideas to ...... The Webmaster<{{{><

Many of you may be wondering what R.T.F.I. is, or what services we may have to offer. So in explanation thereof - R.T.F.I. is the culmination of several hobbyists interest. I think we've all experienced sitting on a lake somewhere saying, "Man I wish, I could make a living doing this!" And, that's what this little Web Site is all about. This Web Site is simply the first step in working toward a dream of making a living doing the things I love.

Since fishing is on the top of the list there, and that interest is strongly shared by my significant other. I figured that concept was as good as any to wrap a web site around. From there we'll try and build toward financial independence in pursuit of a dream.

At some point we will offer a few services, such as guided Fishing Trips, and arranging Temporary Lodging while in the area, also.

The climate here in North Dakota, severely limits outdoor activities during the winter months, thus building Web Sites is a new hobby project for me. This is the first solo project in that pursuit, so if you like what you see, and think you might like a site built, give me a shout, and we'll take a look at what you need.

RTFI - Web Design will be a subsidiary of my fishing pursuits as one occasionally needs a write off here and there, to make things work as they should. Hopefully someday it will become a prosperous industry and I can rely on the web design to fund my fishing adventures.

Contact us at ...... The Webmaster<{{{><



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