greetings all and welcome to the home of

Rocky Thomas Fishing Industries

This little ole website was designed for the sake of combining my interest in Cooking, Writing, and (all things) Fishing. And, to experiment with Web Site Development, a new hobby interest. We will along the way however, advertise a few of our local services, offer a bit of wisdom on fishing the local lakes, spout off about the local hot spots, include a photo page or two somewhere in here, and someday add a reader input section, for fish stories from our readers!

In short... We're here for fun folks... in case you haven't figured that out yet. Don't take me or this site too serious, 'cause we're not. Life's much too short for that, and grouchy wives that don't fish! If you aren't here to have fun too, then you came to the wrong fishing page Dude!!! (Or dudette, if that be the case!)

But, before we get on with everything.... There is no doubt lurking somewhere out there in the world, someone that is right now saying, "that's not what the acronym RTFI stands for!" Soooo.... Yes, we here at R.T.F.I. do realize that this otherwise insignificant compilation of letters has a more commonly recognized meaning to some folks out there in the world.

And thus, we do fully emphasize the importance of this acronyminated terminology in it's other more common form.....

"Read The Fishing Instructions!!"

><}}}>    (Or, something along those lines! I'm sure you get the drift.)    <{{{><

If you really gotta know go here! http://www.acronymsearch.com/ 
Just don't blame me if you don't like what you find!!!

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