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Greetings all you rug rats, yard apes, munchkins and turd-rasslers out there in computer land!
So how are you today?

I'm not exactly sure what's gonna wind up on this page. But, I'm going to try and find something that'll please you guys. Either that, or I may school the Home site Rug Rats on web page building a little, and let them build a page for you guys.

But, in the meantime, tell your dad you want to go fishing! Tell him you don't want to go catch big fish, you want to go catch

"A lot of fish!!!"

Understanding of course that catching a lot of fish, usually means catching a lot of "little" fish!
Tell dad he can have just as much fun at it as you do! I know, and I wouldn't lie to you guys!

Take him to Wal-mart or K-mart, stock up on little bobbers, little sinkers, and little bitty hooks, (probably about the smallest you'll find there), go buy a can of worms, then find a bridge to sit under somewhere. Cut off about a quarter inch of worm and put it on that little bitty hook, and you can catch fish till dad's tired of taking them off the hook! Guaranteed! If it don't work, e-mail me and I'll tell you where or how to find a bridge or two, where I guarantee you it'll work.

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