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Okay since no good web site or fishing trip's complete without a few good jokes, we had to have a Joke Page. Unfortunately, I wanted to start it out with fishing jokes and expand from there. But, I don't have a real good assortment of fishing jokes just lying around! Therefore, I'm going to take the oldest fishing joke in the world, make it politically correct (since this is the World Wide Web), and use it to start out this little part of the Site! Following it up closely with a couple of the oldest Ice Fishing Jokes in the World. 

Ya'll send me some fishing Jokes! PLEASE!!

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Hot of the E-Mail! Our latest submission coming to you from ~ Richie way out in Long Island, New York -

Two Fishermen are talking and one asks the other, "What's the biggest fish you've ever caught?
The second fishermen replies, "Oh... about 12 inches."
The first fisherman says, "12 inches? That's not very big!"
Second fisherman looks over at him and says, "That was between his eyes!"

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