You Might Be An E-Bay Addict If...

For some reason I just don't think folks had any clue what personal computers would be capable of when they invented them long ago. Because, obviously anyone intelligent enough to make a computer from a box of spare radio and TV parts, and then design a language that could turn your coffee pot on, 10 minutes before you wake up and get out of bed, so it will be waiting on you when you do, certainly would have been smart enough to not build the thing, had they interpreted the grief they would cause in the not so far distant future.

Now I'm not saying that I'm opposed to computers in any way, I love 'em folks, spend 10 - 16 hours a day on them and wish I didn't have to eat and sleep, so I could spend more time there. Hell I even set the computer up in the laundry room so there's a toilet 4 feet away. You can't see the monitor from there, but.... (Ya know, I could keep plinking away with the wireless keyboard and mouse, and if I installed a mirror on the wall behind the computer desk......)

Just ask my significant other, she'll tell you the same thing (that I'm in love with my computer, not that I'm sitting on the toilet while I'm on the computer). (I don't have the mirror installed... yet!) In fact she'll tell you that I love my computers more than I love her, which that just ain't so folks! I mean as nifty as computers are there are still some things they can't do.... like cook up a delicious supper, wash my clothes for me, clean the house, mow the yard, remove hooks from my carcass (whoa there a minute.... come to think of it my significant other couldn't do that either!), but then there are a few other C-lect issues that will remain unmentioned herein for the sake of retaining my PG rating on this site, right out there with only Disney cartoons these days, and thus I do love her more than my computers, although I may spend more time with them.

There are a world of things that you can do on computers this day and time that are absolutely mind boggling, and addictive! Allot of which we've all tried from time to time. As for me I tried to stay away from E-Bay for a long, long time. I, like a lot of folks in the world, have a problem when it comes to auction sales, and that is the reason there are auction sales, because everyone knows that somewhere out there in the world there is someone that thinks your trash is treasure, and they'll be hell bent to pay whatever it takes to take it home with them. Regardless of what it might be worth!

My attempts to stay away from E-bay did work for a long, long time. Until that is, I decided to do a search for "Antique Fishing Lures" a while back. I did that once before, but I was a wee bit busy at the time, and whatever popped up wasn't of much interest to me, not to mention I was flat ass broke and in the middle of a divorce, so bidding on lures I had no intention of pitching at something I intended to eat was pretty much out of the question.

This time however.... I was on a week long vacation, and it was raining every day, so I had the time to sit in front of the computer, and dig real deep searching for the goodies I wanted. And, then sit back and watch my bid items closely. Oh yeah, and it was shortly after having received my tax return, so that I had a few extra dollars to spend.

Just a short week later, I can honestly say that someday when all my goodies arrive, and I find time to take out the loan needed to buy the materials and build the cabinet that will house my selections, because I can't afford that now! I have acquired a rather lovely collection of antique lures, reels, and assorted other fishing goodies of antiquated nature. I guess this is good in a way, or should I say that at least I can think of other less honorable venues, upon which I could have wasted my hard earned money. And, with collectable fishing lures, I can always re-sell them on E-bay if I should ever find myself starving to death and badly in need of cash.

But.... there is also a part of this that is being found very addictive folks! And, that's what this editorial is all about! And, in the manner of Sir Jeff of Foxworthy, we're going to start this here ~ you might be an E-Bay Addict, if ~ page, and open it up to reader input! I'm going to throw a few select items out here for you, just to get you headed in the right direction, and from there it's up to you folks! Just click the submit E-Bay Addict ideas link here, and send them to me, I'll put them on the site for you long as they're within reason.

  • If you're sitting on-line guarding the bid on a $10 item at 2:00 in the morning, you might be an E-Bay Addict!

  • If your entire last paycheck was rolled into Money Orders for the bids you won, you might be an E-Bay Addict!

  • If your significant other is lying nekid, and alone, while you bid on a $3 fishing lure, you might be an E-Bay Addict!

  • If your entire retirement fund is invested in on-line auction goodies, you might be an E-Bay Addict!

  • If your watch is now or has ever been calibrated to E-Bay auction time, you might be an E-Bay Addict!

  • If you won the bid on your bloomers by 50 cents in the last 30 seconds before an auction closed, you might be an E-Bay Addict!

  • If you won the bid on your wife's bloomers by any amount in the last 30 seconds, you might be an E-Bay Addict!

  • If you won your wife by any amount, or at any period of an on-line auction, you might be an E-Bay Addict!

  • If you purchased your children at on-line auction, rather than made them the old fashioned way, you might be an E-Bay Addict!

  • If you have attempted to sell your children at on-line auction, for a profit, you might be an E-Bay Addict!

  • If your auction acquired goodies are worth more than the National Debt, you might be an E-Bay Addict!

  • If you do your Christmas, Birthday, or Anniversary Shopping at on-line Auction, you might be an E-Bay Addict!

  • If your e-mail bins have more than a hundred entries resulting from on-line auctions, and only 2 messages from your friends, you might be an E-Bay Addict!

  • If you have more than five favorites saved that are addressed to different on-line auction search strings, you might be an E-Bay Addict!



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