Having taken an interest in antique lures and other paraphernalia of the fishing persuasion quite some time back, and having purchased a few on local auction and garage sales over the years. I recently took to E-bay for the purpose of seeking these things out.

I can honestly say E-bay makes it all too convenient, however I was amazed at the prices some of these goodies fetched. I had to wonder how many of us are letting things of this nature go for nothing, not having a clue what they are worth, and thus decided to create a reference guide to a few of the more collectible "Collectibles" here on the R.T.F.I. site!

Prices here may or may not be indicative of the true value of these lures they are however what was paid for the lure pictured on E-Bay.

If you've got one sitting in the basement, barn, garage or shed, you just might might want to put it under lock and key!


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