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I know everyone has to be asking what the Hell is a Blog? Go ahead, you're thinking it, so you might as well ask.....

Well "Blogs" are not exactly anything, but by the same respect they can be everything; confusing I know! But... "Blog", short for weblog, is a form of online journal. It is essentially putting ones thoughts and feelings out there for the world to see. To some it's a series of random ramblings on all subjects, and to others it may very well be one very specific subject with a specific goal (i.e. a newsletter). Here on the RTFI site it's going to be random ramblings, short quips, and micro-burst of wit and humor that aren't quite up to full speed for a whole page of writing folks ~

9/15/2003 blog - Per Chewy, (head of my fan club).

Chewy - ..... guy at work is built like a short tree, he's over forty and running triathalon.
Rocky - Well... that's nothing, I could do that too!
Chewy - (laughing hysterically...) Yeah, but this guy is finishing!
Rocky - I could too.... in about a week! If... they let me use my pickup.... and my boat!
Chewy - we should maybe start an RTFI Triathalon "team", we'd stand a better chance that way.
Rocky - Might work.... if we could find enough members to do 50 yard heats!
Chewy - You could put a form on the website to sign up new members for the Fat-Boys TAT!
Rocky - Quick get out the calculator, how many 50 yards are there in 26 miles?
Chewy - We got a good start anyhow.
Rocky - Let's see that' only 915 members we need!
Chewy - Well if you could talk Bryan into it too we'd only need 912 more members!

(In case your having some difficulty understanding why this might be construed as humorous! Collectively your talking well over 800 pounds betwixt the three of us. Need I say more.)

10/21-03 blog - Per Joe, (the master of the WebSymmetry site).

"The presentation is tomorrow, so that's what I am doing right now...putting a Power Point presentation together.  You know....rather than wait till the last minute." (For enlightenment folks; this presentation was in fact, at the National Rural Water Convention, and it was in fact scheduled some 6 - 8 months prior to receipt of this message).... "I stole a piece of your site as a quick example of a sitemap.  Hope you don't mind.  I never do site maps (yes, I know I should) so I went for the closest one I could think of.  Your address will be on it so you may get a hit or two from some rural water people down the road."

Rocky's thoughts on this matter! (At the time of opening this e-mail) - Were I not in the middle of a 50 page site revision, literally, this would be ultimately cool dude! However, given the circumstance of having just uploaded 50 pages of auto-thumbnailed garbage in two Photo Albums, to rest until I get back to it tomorrow and link all those pages I just spent all day creating and need to tweak, it was not altogether cool. Fortunately, the sweetie was not feeling well, and I was afforded all night to work it on it as well, to get it ready for the hundreds of visitors I'm about to have from Joe's presentation!

Rest assured I do however appreciate the RTFI web site exposure Dude. Thanks for thinking of me!

More to Come ~



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