Trevor's Northern

Fisherman - Trevor Thomas - (aka Curly)
Fishing Status - Son
Species - Northern Pike
How Big - 4 1/2 Pounds
Where At - West Park Lake, McLean County, ND
Tackle - Not Sure
Bait - Not Sure about that either!
Status - It was tasty! Trevor and I grilled the rascal, and ate him for lunch.

The Story -

This picture is some years back, Trevor was at the time 5 years old. Since the average fishing rod was a bit much for Trevor, as he's a little guy to begin with, I custom built him one to Trevor dimensions from left over bits and pieces. The rod itself was an auction sale acquired fiberglass blank, I installed guides off of one rod I'd parted out, and the reel seat off of another. It fitted out to 4 1/2 feet when all put together, which was just the perfect length for a Trevor sized rod at that time. I painted it up with an available can of blue enamel, and hand painted rod specs and labeling, along with a lightning bolt and name down the opposite side of the shaft, to make it look like the real thing.

Since his casting abilities were somewhat lacking back in those days, and he always made a lot of noise when we were out fishing, I affectionately named it "Blue Thunder," based on the pretense that his presence would be heard, but he'd never strike twice in the same spot whilst casting. I fitted it with a Zebco 202 reel, put it under the Christmas Tree, and he was set to go fishing!

The fish pictured here is his first caught the next spring on Blue Thunder. Which we promptly filleted up, and with a little seasoning salt and lemon pepper, placed on the grill for lunch. He and I shared the whole of it, and the smile pictured here stuck for days!



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