Stan's Walleye

Fisherman - Stanley C. Harr (aka - Stan - "Stan the Man" - "Putz")
Fishing Status - Fishing Buddy, Former Tournament Partner, Longtime Friend,
                              ("Grumpy Old Men" status - on the horizon for us!)
Species - Walleye
Location - Lake Brekken
How Big - 6 and 5 pounds respectively
Tackle - You don't want to know!
Bait - Minnows
Status - They Were Tasty

The Story -

What can I say but, the sun shines on every dog's ass, once in a while! He scabbed out. Never happen again! The fish were running from all the other baits, looking over their shoulders, and ran into his lines! They were suicidal that day.

Honestly folks, it was a freak day, all the way around! I lost one that went head first back down the hole in the ice, and damned if he didn't turn around at the bottom, and swam back up squirting out the top onto the ice!

I wouldn't have let Stan's ugly mug grace the pages of my web site, but no one else would put his picture on the web! HAHAHAHAHAHA!


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