The Perch Fishing Trip

Fishermen - Trevor, Josh, Ed, and Tony
Fishing Status - If we hadn't run out of bait they'd still be there!
Species - Many Perch, two walleye, a trout or two, and a couple of smallmouth that were not releasable.
Location - Lightning Lake, Turtle Lake, ND
Tackle - Slip Bobbers, 1/16 to 1/8 oz. Jigs
Bait - Crawlers
Status - They were all fried (with exception of the trout) and quite tasty!

The Story -

Shortly after the bluegill trips that netted Josh's monster above, and the one that got away from me, I invited Ed, Tony, and their dad, Don, along for a fishing trip in pursuit of bluegills. The gills simply weren't cooperating that day, and two hours of fishing resulted in only two walleye in the boat.

We gave up on the Bluegill and Lake Brekken, since the boys were driving us nuts with no bites being had. I apologized for the lack of a bite and, gave them their options, we could either pack it up and head home, or move to Lightning Lake and try the perch. As is evident, and as one would expect of four die hard fishermen like these guys, they elected we move to Lightning Lake.

Not sure who had the most fun in the crowd, as we all had a blast, Don and I included. But, we knew that everyone was enjoying themselves way too much when we couldn't fit another perch  in the live-well, and had gone through 5 dozen night crawlers, a half inch at the time.

The Moral of this story and the photo is - 3 years old is the perfect time to teach your children to clean and filet fish! Don and I cleaned perch for hours that night. We all got together for a big fish fry a few weeks later, inviting a few others over to assist in trying to eat all that we'd fried. (It was almost as much fun as catching them all.) And, we all enjoyed several more meals from the days catch.



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