The Jones' Trout

Fisherman - Donny Jones
Assistant Fish Holder - Dillon Jones
Status - Former Cousin-in-Law
Species - Rainbow Trout
How Big - Big Enough to make the Assistant Fish Holder happy!!
Location - Lake Holmes/Lake Brekken, Turtle Lake, ND
Status - Suffice to say he was tasty!
Method of Preparation - Half Fried - the other half, Easy Baked Trout recipe, found on the Recipe Page - Donny conceded my way was better!

The Story -

Donnie and cousin Robbie Anderson were walleye fishing on Lake Holmes, having no luck they navigated the culvert between Brekken and Holmes, too the Brekken side. Once there they returned their lines to the water, where it was reported they trolled only a short distance before hooking up with this nice rainbow. Caught on a spinner and crawler.

Why would one put pictures of their ex-wife's relatives on their web page, you might ask? Cause it's a cute picture of the little guy, and her cousin wasn't the one I didn't get along with!



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