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By about the time everyone gets here on the page, their eyes are gonna shoot back over to the top of the left hand frame here, and start asking what's up with this "Where'd Ya See Jerry" link!

Well Jerry's one of those guys that's fortunate enough to have matured to the point, that he don't have to work no more and he's still alive to fish. He spends most of his free time now much as he has for years, on a local lake somewhere harassing walleye. Usually alone, not bothering a soul, not wanting to be bothered; just him, his Peace of Mind, Boat, Rods, Tackle Box, and the Gods of Fishing.

Problem is Jerry doesn't drink, so as to get loose lipped, nor is he one to brag about what he's catching. He's pretty particular about the company he keeps in his fishing holes, (which I can't say I blame him there), and he generally doesn't say much about what he's catching, except to a close friend or two. And, that usually leaves folks who fish around here wondering what he's up to, since he's known to be on fish most of the time.

Anyhow....the reason for the link here is....anytime you ask anyone locally where the hotspot is, the conversation, (without fail), always somehow seems too lead to, "You know, I saw Jerry headed south of town the last two or three mornings now." "Where you reckon he's been headed?" "Damned if I know, but you can bet they're a bitin' down there!"

And, since I know Jerry ain't gonna tell us where he's fishing, and since local fishing talk simply isn't complete without where Jerry was fishing. I thought I'd dedicate a "Where'd Ya See Jerry" link, out of respect for a fine man and fellow angler that just wants to be left alone to enjoy the peace and quiet and catch a few fish.

Not to mention, it'll give those guys who worry about Jerry so much the opportunity to look for him on the Web now too!

(Folks.... You simply gotta be from a small town to understand!!!)

Got a Jerry in your home town, that you want to keep track of? Have five of your hometown fishing buddies submit request for a local "Where's he at Link" from your hometown, and we'll add and dedicate a where'd you see Fred or Bill or George link so you can keep track of them too!

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