Redneck Condo

NCM 0145  Walls constructed laying down, floor attached, then nailed to floor joist to tie this all together better, and make it stronger. NCM 0146  Nailed cut off corners of floor on floor frame to square it all up and help line up floor and structure. NCM 0147  Supervisor/wife reviewing and approving of construction thus far. NCM 0157  Windows framed in.
NCM 0188  Siding added, 1/2" pressure treated plywood. Cut outs for windows saved for shutters. NCM 0189  6 inches of fiberglass insulation and 6 mill plastic in all walls and ceiling to keep it warm and dry. NCM 0191  Coming together slowly but surely! NCM 0193  Inside walls sheeted with 1/2" plywood.
NCM 0194  Starting to take shape! NCM 0195  Rafters up, facia on. Hurricane Clips were screwed in to make it indestructable. NCM 0201  Took time out from roof to work on shutters! Had to go get tin, as best I recall. NCM 0203  Shutters finished, roof finished.
NCM 0204a  Decided to enclose soffit to keep the squirrels out of the roof; decided to install soffit vents to prevent condensation in the attic. NCM 0207  Installed used door that was collecting dust for 20 years. NCM 0208  Put counter in for the coffee cup and binoculars, shelf overhead for storage. NCM 0209  Window tracks were interesting to say the least! Hoped to get enough clearance out of the flared bit on left to allow the windows to slide, but that was not to be. Had to cut my window tracks on 22.5 degree angle so they ran straight with the windows. Therefore had to rip the track to proper angle, then route the window track, at a hieght to allow carpet beneath the window, center picture. Right picture is my finished product.
NCM 0211  Had to darken things up, could not have all that shiny white Spruce in the hunting house. NCM 0213  Used 4" nylon strap nailed behind my trim to hinge the windows. Treated heavily with Thompson's Water Seal, and fairly well protected from the elements it should provide YEARS of service without rusting, squeaking, pins falling out, screw holes rotting out, or any of the other ills associated with hinges. NCM 0214  When doing this, cut your strap to widith of trim, not width of window! Screwed up and left corners exposed on my windows. NCM 0216  Corners exposed at joint of windows would have covered, had I simply cut my straps as wide as the shutters.
NCM 0217  Corners caulked and sealed up! NCM 0219  Had carpet donated, but when I rolled it out and looked at it, there was no way! Made the trip to Lowes and picked up new Carpet. Supervisor/Wife didn't even remotely hesitate to approve that cost overrun! Windows are all 3/16" Lexan. NCM 0220  Tracks for the windows were designed to use the pile of the carpet to seal all gaps top and bottom to keep bigs out. They actually fit tight enough that you can raise them and the carpet holds them up with exception of the large window in front. NCM 0221  Camo paint job going on. Grabbed the rattle cans and a larger artist brush.
NCM 0222  No rhyme or reason to it, just wherever thhe lines looked good! NCM 0223  They sorta look like scrub oak trees! NCM 0229  Picked up leaves out of the yard, layed them out on poster paper, and cut out templates, then thumbstacked the templates to house and hit the leaves with 3 - 4 different colors of paint to shade them. NCM 0230  Some day when I'm really bored, I'm going to count all the leaves on this thing!
NCM 0231  Ropes installed to operate shutters. NCM 0232  Yep... There is a bunch of leaves on that thing!! NCM 0225  Combination window stop/shutter latch. 16 D galanized nail, with a piece of 3/8" PVC Tubing around it, serve nicely as window stops. Installed bungee cord on all shutters to latch them down during off season. NCM 0224  Close up of the high tech window stop/shutter latch.
NCM 0226  With the window closed the shutters are pretty much secured. Just about impossible to open them with the windows closed. NCM 0227  Ropes to pull the shutters are all run to the back corner out of the way. Thus far haven't dreamed up the perfect design to pull them up, and they've been tied up and left up during hunting season. NCM 0228  PVC Tubing through the wall to help preserve my pull ropes. Heated the outside ends to flare them, so they wouldn't pull through, pushed them in while still hot. All of them cooled and tightened in the holes and won't hardly wiggle, let alone will they ever fall out. NCM 0234  Ready to move to the field!!
NCM 0236  All painted up! NCM 0235  Had to have a squirrel in the tree! I suggested it, 20 minutes later the sister-in-law walked out and said, "You know what you should do... You should paint a squirrel right there on that limb!" NCM 0233  So I painted a squirrel on the limb! NCM 0239  That is supposed to say REDNECK CONDO" but my last O didn't come out clean, and everyone thinks it says "REDNECK WHAT?"
NCM 0324  Moving donated stairs to the site. NCM 0325  Getting everything plumb and level. Trying to decide what to do with tree in the way. NCM 0326  Helps to have good equipment to work with. NCM 0327  Well they aren't exactly square with the house, but that there tree, is right in the middle of the steps if I turn the stairs straight, and I really didn't want the stump down there to stumble over if I sawed the tree down, so...
NCM 0328  No one could understand how I was going to move that from the shop to where it was supposed to stand! Took 5 minutes, maybe! NCM 331b  Almost in place! Shoulda charged admission!! NCM 331k  Trying to line posts up on floor joist. NCM 331l  Uh-Oh... There's the supervisor again!
NCM 0329  It was interesting going up... You have to understand, on a mast of this nature, the forks on which the house is setting, travel twice as fast as the top half of the mast to which the house is tied!! Thus frequent adjustments must be made. We only experienced one "OH SHIT!" moment! And, honestly the women all got way more excited than I did, because I knew it was tied on the forks plenty good. NCM 0330  Set down on the post and ready to nail her in place! NCM 331o  It looks plumb purty up there, don't it! NCM 0331  The lean to the left is a crooked camera; the stand is perfectly level and square!!
NCM 0333  From across the feedplot. NCM 0439  Back porch decked! Actually I had a neighbor giving me a bad time about this project, said I was gonna have a grill set up down here at my deer stand,  and I added the porch on with intentions of finding a small grill to put back here just for his sake. NCM 0440  Looks pretty good! NCM 0441  Left enough gap along the wall that is doesn't hold anything to hold moisture and rot my wall out, before anyone wonders why I have such a big gap back there..
NCM 0442  View to south and southwest. NCM 0443  View west. NCM 0444  View northwest and north. Later learned to leave north shutter closed so you hide back in the corner in the dark and don't profile yourself.